Ong Kim Swee frustrated promoting young players

By Sadat Osman |

Ong Kim Swee

Harimua Muda ‘A’ Head Coach, Ong Kim Swee (OKS), revealed that he would stop promoting young players to clubs outside of Malaysia if Wan Zack Haikal returns from Japan.

This comes after several reports surfaced saying that OKS’ former protege was offered to return to Malaysia and leave Japanese third division side, FC Ryukyu.

Ong told Utusan yesterday that the Japanese club received an offer from an unnamed M-League side who are keen to engage the services of Wan Zack.

He said: “Yes, there is indeed a team in [the M-Leauge] that have offered a contract to Wan Zack and this has been confirmed by FC Ryukyu.

“If Wan Zack returns to Malaysia [early], of course I will be very disappointed because I was the one who introduced him to the Japanese club.

“And if this is the case, I won’t promote our young players to clubs outside of Malaysia anymore.”

The 42-year-old also vented his frustration regarding Nazmi Faiz’s departure from SC Beira Mar to PKNS FC.

“I was upset when Nazmi Faiz came home early from Portugal,” Ong told Utusan.

Wan Zack, who was only featured once, signed a two-year contract with FC Ryukyu last March and reports have been saying that he wants to leave the club at the end of the season.

Nazirul Naim Che Hashim joined the FC Ryukyu together with Wan Zack but his was only a year’s contract.

According to OKS, he was told that FC Ryukyu refused to release Wan Zack who is now sidelined with an ankle injury.

“I have no right to intervene in the case of Wan Zack because he now belongs to FC Ryukyu,” he added.



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