11 Tips How To Be A Good Defender in Soccer, avoid getting scold by teammates!

defender is an outfield player whose primary role is to prevent the opposition from attacking, BUT what if the only thing we do as A defender was chasing the ball like ants chasing the sugar?! Always off position and let the attacking line infiltrate and getting pass you with ease!! Believe me i often did it and end up getting scold, it wasn’t pleasant things to hear. Don’t worry i have a tips that will help newbie to be a decent defender, from Zero’s to Hero’s. Don’t expect after you read this you can play like Vincent Kompany or Evra guys, For the records this tips is purposely for any position in Defender department not limited to one position such as CB, RB or LB. It covers all:

  1. Always focus on the ball, keep your eye on the ball, and make sure you know where it’s going, where it’s going to go, and what you have to do.
  2. Move. Make sure you know where you’re going, where you have to go, and what you have to do when you get there. Always positioning yourself behind the attackers (Striker or Winger). Unless you love chasing them all over the pitch.
  3. Anticipate. This is critical to a good defensive player. See the whole field; are you out numbered; is there a winger behind you; is there a defensive player who is able to make a dash? You stop the attackers and then let the other defenders collect the ball. This tips is useful for those in RB or LB, make sure there is someone watching or cover your back before you going for overlap.
  4. Act. When you need to make a tackle, try to time your attack so opponent is off balance, the fraction of a second when you make your move is critical. If he is flat footed at that moment, or off balance, your chance of success improves dramatically. Go in hard and fast and go for and make sure you hit the ball. Also, you can thwart possible attacks by clearing any lose balls or intercepted passes. Just make sure not to attempt any hard tackle within the penalty box, i don’t need to tell you why.
  5. The 3 deny. Deny the pass, deny the turn, and deny the shot. Position yourself to deny the pass; crouch, anticipate, act fast. If he gets the pass do not let him turn to face you. The longer he has to keep his body between the ball and you the better. If he is able to turn and face you, stay between the ball and your goal and block his shot. Shadow the opponent and pressure them, eventually they will either shoot the ball or lose the ball.
  6. Delay. Delay the offense until you have numeric superiority, then have someone back you up before you go in for a tackle. It is easy to beat 1 player but much more difficult to beat 2. Talk to your team mate; 2nd defender tell 1st when to go in to tackle.
  7. Control. You control the offensive player, don’t let him control you. Fake a tackle (a sharp stabbing movement in and out) to keep him off balance and worried you will attack him at any time. Keep backing off as he makes his moves, the longer he is unable to beat you out right, the more frustrated he will be.
  8. Strong. Have a strong upper body, work out your muscles for your legs. You also have to work on being very fast. This helps a lot when defending.
  9. The Turn. If he is able to turn you (So you are running along side of him), you need to quickly get back to a position where your back is towards your goal. Stare at the center of his chest and don’t look at his legs or head movements. He can fake head motion or leg motion to get you going the wrong way but difficult to move his center of gravity. Works well against flair players.
  10. Be tough. Some attackers are throw off their game if the defender is aggressive and play tough; but not dirty. That first tackle is critical and can set the tone for the remainder of the game. Let him know you are there and you are not a pushover.
  11. Last but not least Relax.

Photo taken from: www.stbenedicts.co.za & www.o-posts.net


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One Response to 11 Tips How To Be A Good Defender in Soccer, avoid getting scold by teammates!

  1. Jai Johar says:

    Good one ! I’ll try to remember tis good tips.. Coming from our lil’ fast LB.. Well done No. 23…

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