The Legendary Supermokh

He was not a politician, nor was he a pop star. He was a footballer. Although footballers nowadays, even Malaysian ones, receive constant adoration and are paid hefty sums of money, he was a footballer at a time when footballers had to keep a day job just to live comfortably. But that was enough for him. Whereas politicians constantly divide the people’s loyalty and pop singers demand fans’ adoration for their own selves, he only united his fans under two flags; those of his birth state Selangor and his country, Malaysia.

Mokhtar Dahari or also well known as Supermokh was born on 13 November 1953 – 11 July 1991.  Allahyarham Dato’ Mokhtar Dahari was a Malaysian Association football player from Setapak,Selangor. During his era He was one of the best players in Asia in the 1970s and is known as the best Malaysian footballer during that time, a legend in Malaysian football. During the 1970s, Mokhtar played for Malaysia and Malaysia became a powerful team and defeated Asian giants such as South Korea and Japan. Back then Malaysia   reputation is prominent compare to today.

He was nicknamed SuperMokh because of his playing skills, his strength and his ability to score many incredible goals throughout his career. One of Mokhtar’s famous moment was when Mokhtar shook hands with Diego Maradona before a friendly game with Boca Juniors.

Supermokh would feature in a number of memorable matches, and win several competitions for the national team. In 1974, he would help Malaysia win a silver medal in the Asian Games in Tehran. In 1975, his brace would see Malaysia edge out the English club Arsenal 2-0 in a friendly match, whereas a friendly against the England ‘B’ side in 1978 would end in a draw. These two high-profile matches would see Mokhtar being linked with English clubs such as Manchester United, but nothing concrete would emerge out of this apart from mere rumors. At the regional level, he would help Malaysia capture back-to-back gold medals at the SEA Games in 1977 and 1979.

Although not recognized internationally, Mokhtar scored 175 goals for Selangor, 20 goals in 13 appearance for Kwong Yik Bank, and 125 goals for Malaysia, giving a total of 320 goals in his career. Mokhtar is the all time top scorer for both Selangor and Malaysia. Mokhtar is still known as a legend for Selangor and Malaysia. Malaysia has lose something priceless and were hoping that someday new Supermokh will exhume and once again put Malaysia at its rightful place!

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