Kelantan triumph over JDT 1 – 0 in Malaysia FA cup final


Once again Kelantan shows that it takes more than just superstars line up to emerge victorious in the final stage! Bojan Hodak VS Fandi Ahmad, Safee VS Daudsu and Lionel Nunes VS Dickson!! Its an intense games, both party refuse to go down without a fight. 

Kelantan defeated Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) 1-0 in the 2013 FA Cup final at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil here Saturday night.

Johor Darul Takzim started the pitch without few key players due to injury and they also send off Safee off the pitch early in the game, around 15 minutes after kick off. Honestly speaking Safee either lost his touch as striker or he cant play lone striker because JDT plays defensive formation against Kelantan by putting Safee as a lone striker but looks like he cant pull it. Kelantan scored the only soled goal by Mohd Nor Farhan Muhammad 15 minutes into the game.

The rest of the first half of the match shows total possession by Kelantan and JDT struggling to organize their  shamble defensive line. Starting of second half JDT seems starting to hold the ball and move around confidently by trying to beat Apek (GK) in his fortress but unfortunately due to Nunez injury he cant create any opportunities or goals. Overall i personally think Dickson plays an important role in infiltrate JDT defensive line by trying (shoots) from outside of the box.

In short Kelantan seems confident and relax compare to JDT which they often lose ball and unorganized when launch their attacking. Piya shows spectacular performance in leading his teammate against JDT tonight. JDT have the best players in M league but they just cant rely on it to play in the final, they need more than that to beat Kelantan. But this is JDT first debut in Malaysia FA cup compare to Kelantan who are more accustom to it after few times play in the final. 


photos taken from: NST online





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