Fans hit by add-ons when buying club football shirts


Sides including Tottenham ­Hotspur, Arsenal, Cardiff City and Manchester United are ­charging up to £10 for adding an official league badge.

That’s on top of the standard shirt price of between £40 and £60.

Fans are being confronted with budget airline-style add-on options when buying shirts online.

North London giants Spurs top the extras league of shame, charging punters £10 for adding Premier League badges to a shirt.

Meanwhile, Arsenal fans are being asked to cough up an additional £7 to add two Premier League badges to their kit and £5 for a single ­ Champions League badge.

The extras mean the cost of an ­Arsenal replica shirt could soar to £74.50.

Champions Manchester United and Merseyside giants Everton charge ­punters £6 to gift-wrap ­purchases.

Swansea City adds £8 to the cost of a jersey if you want a Premier League badge on it.

Similarly, Premier League new boys Cardiff City are demanding £6 more for Premier League badges on their shirts.

Of the 20 clubs, 15 charge £6 for ­Premier League badges on shirts.


“The important thing is that clubs are clear from the outset about how much names, numbers or league badges cost.”
A spokesman for the ­Football Supporters’ Federation
Norwich City charge £7 for two ­ badges and £3.50 for one.

Last night a spokesman for the ­Football Supporters’ Federation warned clubs they should not try to add on costs.

He said: “The important thing is that clubs are clear from the outset about how much names, numbers or league badges cost.

“With airlines you can unexpectedly find added extras appearing – ­customers ­almost expect it now.

“But fans have a different relationship with their football team and clubs should respect that trust.”

A spokesman for Manchester United said: “Manchester United does not set the price of any of the goods in its megastore or online, that is a matter of MUML – a wholly-owned ­ subsidiary of Nike.

“As a result, we cannot ­comment on pricing.”

Nike, Cardiff City and Arsenal all failed to respond to calls for ­comment.

A spokesman for Spurs said: “Since the advent of the Premier League, the badges have always been an optional extra and down to the preferences of the individual fan as shirts are worn across a number of competitions.

“Our pricing for these badges has remained unchanged for the last seven years.”

Last year we named and shamed clubs for overcharging punters when posting out ­merchandise.



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